Make introduction and acting videos at home! 

These videos are part of the casting materials (among other materials) based on which the client selects for a job. The customer / director is not there at the casting or does the casting online. That's why the material is made for her/him so that she/he can "meet you" somehow.

Read the description carefully and only then start recording!

Step 0: Technical information for EACH video:

1. When you recording with a phone, use the back camera because it usually has a better resolution than the front camera.

2. It is recommended to record videos in natural light. If this is not possible, make sure the lighting conditions are good. Don't be dark in the room!

3. Strive for silence around you.

4. If you are shooting alone, always make it visible up to your chest.

5. Make the video face to face! Do not hold the camera from below or above.

6. Wear a natural-colored clothes that show your figure well. Forbidden: Wearing colored, striped, checked, white clothes!

7. For girls: tie your hair up before the recording, in addition preferably act with natural make-up or completely without make-up.

8. Man: who has only sparse hair on his face should rather shave, but it is not requirement.

9. If you wear glasses but can see without it is preferable not to wear it while recording.

10. Always strive to speak clearly, loud enough but never shout!

11. Remember! Look at the camera in the introduction videos, but never in the acting video!

And now get started!

I. There are two types of introduction video:

1. Slate: This is a very short video. Here only your first name and your height are uttered. Tip: Look at the camera! It should be about 10-15 seconds long. That's all? Yes! We can go on! :)

2. Introduction video: (This is a longer version)

Make sure your structure is built!  beginning- middle-the end. Look at the camera!

There are some typical elements that are good to include:

- Greetings (Don't miss this!)

- name (Your first name is enough!)

- age

- hobbies

- other, anything interesting that you would like to share

- closing sentence (Somehow close what you want to say, eg "I hope we can work together soon!" "Thank you for watching!" etc.)

- Say Goodbye!

Video duration: approx. 0.5 min

Skip these:

- long name of your college/specialty (The client, especially if she/he foreigner will not know or it is may not relevant information. It is only worth mention if what you are learning is just right for the role / task. Otherwise, it is enough that you are a student.)

- surname (Needless to say, because they will identify you from your profile or from the agency database. However, you will create a more direct relationship if you just say your first name.)

- general, boring info, hobbies (Be original, look for something interesting!) Hearing "I love animals" and "my hobby is reading" you will not be so memorable from the many applicants.

Have you been able to follow so far? Super! Let's look at the ESSENCE! Now comes ACTING!

II. Acting video:

This is the video in which you have to show your acting skills based on the role you are given. That is, you have to play the scene. You got a script for that, that includes your scene. There are characters where you just have to show reactions, but somethimes you also have to say text.

Now I give you time to identify the description / text for your character! Do you have it? Let's go on!

1. Remember, you are only seen up to your chest, keep it in mind! Stay always in front of the camera, let's see your face well! Look next to the camera, NOT into it! Imagine someone standing next to the camera in front of you and acting with you. If you are seen from profile, it's not good! That's too much!

2. If you have partner, who can help, she/he should read the dialogue sections for you. If not, you can only say the text that applies to you. But take a break as if the partner speaks.

3. Learn your text. Don't read on paper!

4. Have your face and feelings accentuated! Try to imagine yourself really in the role. Don't think about what your face might be like now ... etc. Try to really experience it!



5. Record the role in 3 versions! These should be different, but 1 video contains them. There should be a 2-3 second break between them. Eg: Version 1: Cheerful, Version 2: Painful, Version 3: Angry

So: You need to make two kinds of introduction videos. In addition, an acting video. You have to record the acting video in 3 different versions, but there can be 3 versions in one video.

III. Here's how to send us your videos:

The videos you take are usually quite large. That's why you need to look at how you can send. If the size allows it send in an email. If it is larger, use file sharing! (e.g. Wetansfer, Mammutmail or Google Drive link is also good.)

Forget Facebook Messenger, because you can only download videos from there with a huge quality degradation !!!

Do you have a question? We help you! Email: