It's finally time to BE AN ACTOR

Come and make your dream come true in a super intensive acting workshop

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Want to finally stand in front of the camera with confidence? Want to know your own abilities and limits? Do you want to go through the process of becoming an actor from a civilian?

be part of an exciting adventure...

  • 5-day, super-intensive acting workshop (up to 10-15 working hours)
  • locally in Budapest (Patyolat bar, Baross u 85, 1082)
  • an extremely talented Italian trainer will teach (teaching in English) 
  • receive professional actor training
  • personalized tasks
  • have a chance to participate in an international acting management program 
  • the number of participants is limited 

Are you the perfect candidate? 

Why should you apply? 

  • for a long time you have felt that you would be suitable as an actor, but you are not sure
  • you are hardworking and think long term  
  • you are not afraid of challenges
  • you want a well-paying hobby or even consider acting as a career 

When is it NOT for you?

  • if you just want quick success, but it never comes 
  • if you've already accepted that you won't get roles 
  • if you still want to be unsure if this is the perfect career for you 

Are you still here? 

Ok, I'll tell you what you will be able to do after the workshop... 

The workshop will allow you to start building a synthetic and effective technique to be able to work faster and deeper. The aim is to develop actors able to understand the structure of the scenes, identify their contents, understand the emotional flow of the character and bring it to life in a constantly three-dimensional way.

Sounds good?

See behind the scenes 

Who will teach you? 

Paolo Antonio Simioni 

He's an Italian coach, actor, and director, known for his collaboration with key Italian theater, cinema, and TV institutions. He was mentored by American coach Susan Batson. At 29, he directed and acted at the Festival dei due mondi and has since been involved in various roles at Mittelfest. 

He founded international group EuAct in Berlin, focusing on Italian-Hungarian collaborations. He directed and performed in notable shows, including "Tristano" at Teatro La Fenice and "Forrás" at Milan Expo 2015. 

He's worked with industry giants like Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Diarmuid Lawrence, Terence Hill, Sergio Castellitto, Dorka Gryllus, Lena Lessing, Omero Antonutti, Gabriele Vacis, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Marco Maria Tosolini Tom Hanks, and BBC, and is associated with various theaters and art institutions. He's also developed the "donq" performative style with collaborator Alessia Pellegrino. 

Student reviews 

Read the opinions of those who have already attended this workshop 

"The most effective way for developing. A half-year-long high quality university work put in only 5 days. Simply the best."

Molnár Bence 

"Before the workshop I thought that I will work like I did before. But accidentaly my fears came through to find healing, and I am so grateful for it."

Heletya Orsi 

"The workshop where human and artistic values resonate at a particularly high level. And it is in this atmosphere that we can receive and give the real meaning of existence and the real task of the performing arts."

Wrochna Fanni 



Kálmán Burai, head of Minorities Talents & Casting, closely follows the progress of the workshop, as he is constantly looking for young actor talents.

Those who participate in the workshop and perform outstandingly have a chance to be taught international management by Kálmán. 

"Over the years, I helped a lot of people get jobs and do careers. In the past, it would have been nice to have someone on my side. I failed many times and then got up. 

Now it makes me happy to help others, because it means we are creating something together. I think this is my mission! Are YOU my mission?"

Are you ready to become an actor?


Application deadline: 08. September 

  • 5-day super-intensive acting workshop (up to 10-15 working hours)
  • locally in Budapest (Patyolat bar, Baross u 85, 1082)
  • an extremely talented Italian trainer will teach
  • personalized tasks according to your knowledge
  • there is no doubt that this profession is for you 
  • professional acting skills
  • deep self-knowledge
  • have a well-paying hobby or a professional career 
  • have a chance to participate in an international acting management program
  • installment payment option (50%-50%)

Price: in total 90.000 HUF  (The number of participants is limited!) 


1. Can I still apply if I'm an amateur?

Naturally, yes. Everyone starts somewhere. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to get you started on a journey. No one can leave the workshop without receiving a strong professional foundation. 

2. How is this 5-day workshop different from other actor trainings?

The workshop takes place in small groups (maximum 18-20 people), so it is much easier to work individually. During the intensive 5 days, you will get to know yourself and your abilities with the help of a character chosen by you.

3. How to imagine a day of the workshop?

We usually start around 10 o'clock in the morning. The workshop lasts all day, so it is not recommended to plan another program for that day. (Of course, we manage attendance flexibly. We can discuss when you want to play your own scene if you have something urgent that day.) We will discuss the next day's start at the workshop. The team prepares and develops together all day long, and the fantastic experience is enhanced by the friendly atmosphere.

4. What does the installment option mean? 

Half of the workshop fee must be paid in advance. This will fix your place. (Remember, the number of people is limited.) The other half of the fee must be paid in cash at the workshop. But we will contact each applicant individually.

5. What happens after applying?  

After you click on the application button, you must fill in a form with your data. Our employee will contact you and inform you about all the details (payment, dates, etc.).

6. What happens if I pay the deposit but still cannot attend the workshop? Will I get a refund? 

If you have a compelling reason to cancel, you can get a refund. But you have to organize someone instead of you, since the fee for the trainer and the training room are fixed costs.

Are you going to be an actor now or are you putting it off?